Sunday, December 9, 2007

Throw caution to the wind...


I have never been one for taking easy small steps when I was a baby. I was the one that would fall on his arse because I wanted to climb the seat to get to my sister's cake. After some 35 years later I haven't changed.

So welcome to all my students who have managed to find their way to this blog. Having made it here I am sure your all pretty dissappointed. This is it.

I just want to throw some ideas out:
  • everything changes, bend with the wind otherwise your going to snap.
  • don't worry too much about new technology because its changing so fast that we are all learning all the time.
  • try to think creatively and express yourself freely (while being nice).
  • think about how can we use our blogs to change the world for the better.

Also thanks to Owen for waking me up out of my slumber.

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Owen James said...

Hi Tchan,

This is not so much about this post, but your results of a survey investigating the problems regarding group project work and collaboration.
This appears in my reader, but the link results in a dead end. Please advise when you can, thanks, Owen.